Traffic Impact Assessment

Surrounding Territory Assessment

Public Transport Study

Generated and Attracted Traffic Calculation

Spatial Distribution of Generated Traffic

Road Capacity Calculations

Walking and Cycling Routes Study

Compensating Measures

Traffic Data

Intersection Count

Roundabout Count

Road Volume Data

Vehicle classifications

Travel Time

Vehicle Gap Data

Pedestrian & Bicycle Pathway Count

Traffic Flow and Parking Design

Road Signage and Street Lining Design

Roadwork (Temporary) Traffic Flow Design

Development (Permanent) Traffic Flow Design

Car Parking Design and Traffic Analysis

Urban and National Transportation Planning

National Transportation Planning

Urban Transportation and Mobility Planning

Feasibility Study for Transportation Infrastructure

Due Diligence and Advisory on Transport-related Investments

Urban and National Transportation Policy

Traffic Engineering

Preliminary Transportation Study

Demand Forecast Modelling

Traffic Simulation

Junction Signalization Analysis and Improvement

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Traffic Safety Improvements Plan

Pedestrian Flow Analysis

Pedestrian Traffic Study and Modelling

Building Evacuation Analysis and Modelling

Pedestrian Safety Study

Pedestrian Comfort Level Study

Wayfinding Strategies and Design

Development Transportation Planning

Access and Transport System Planning

Multi-Modal Integrated Mobility System Definition

Geo-Marketing and Catchment Area Analysis

Legal Services

PPP Contracts

Public Service Contracts

Legal Due Diligence

Transportation Policy Formation at Local, Regional and National Level

Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Transportation


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