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STS provides comprehensive consulting services in the field of transportation engineering and transport planning. Our experience is based on large and small scale projects in a range of environments, involving multiple disciplines and modes of transportation. We provide services in transportation analysis and policy, traffic safety, traffic engineering and transportation planning.

The consulting services cover the following sectors: Regional and urban planning, transport planning supported with the latest generation of highly sophisticated simulation codes and mathematical models as well as specific and tailored analysis of socio-economic impacts induced by large infrastructural projects.

Demand analysis, feasibility studies, accessibility verification and market studies constitute the preliminary phase of the planning and design of large-scale projects, providing robust and extensive analytical framework to support the decision-making process in several dimensions of activity which involve Public Administration, private interests as well as local communities.

The planning services allow the definition of methods, lines of development and guidelines aimed at the organization and the physical transformation of both territory and urban space, as well as enabling the development of appropriate political policies for land and transport management. This activity is further focused on master planning, mobility plans, transport and traffic planning, security and logistics as well as on the functional assessment of infrastructures and transport systems.


STS signed the Exclusivity Agreement with  Miovision Technologies Gmbh and the Company became an authorized and exclusive agent for selling Miovision hardware and the sole Miovision Data Collector in Georgia.

STS signed the Memorandum of Understanding with A+S Consult Gmbh. The parties will mutually work on projects in Georgia for the development of Territorial Plans and the application of modern traffic simulation technologies for territorial and transport planning verifications.


STS’s team of professionals continuously seek to enrich its know-how through cross-disciplinary research activities for new methods, instruments and techniques. The team is mainly characterized by its variety in terms of disciplines, qualifications and experience. This allows for a versatile interaction with Clients of different nature and the capability to tailor and tweak approaches according to different project conditions, complexity and geographical characteristics. The team is composed of engineers, architects and urban planners with multiple linguistic characteristics.

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